Dress rehearsal will happen in the studio on your dancers regularly scheduled dance day.

Parents, family and friends are invited and encouraged to come get a sneak peek at what we've been working so hard on all year. It's an opportunity to give the kids the feeling of having an audience and also a great time to take pictures and videos (which are not allowed during the recital)! 
Due to combination classes or back-to-back class times, the dress rehearsal schedule may change regular timing a little bit. Here is the Dress Rehearsal Schedule. Please be sure to read carefully!
​Dancers will come to dress rehearsal in their costumes, with correct tights, hair and shoes for each class they are in. Light make-up is encouraged and please, NO jewelry. 


Recital and Rehearsal Information

TEL: 516-623-0962

EMAIL: merrickdancecentre@gmail.com

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RECITAL: Sunday, June 9th 12:00PM

Brookside School Auditorium, 1260 Meadowbrook Rd, North Merrick

Dancers will arrive in costume at 11:00AM

WHERE: Brookside School Auditorium, 1260 Meadowbrook Road, North Merrick
WHEN: Tuesday, June 4th. 4:45-9:00 (Youngest dancers will be dismissed by 6:00). *Detailed arrival/dismissal times below.*
WHO: Dancers ONLY. Dress rehearsal is DROP-OFF. Parents are not permitted in the auditorium. Your dancer's teacher will be with them, as well as their assistant or a class helper. 
WHAT TO WEAR: NO COSTUMES. Wear regular dance attire like you would for class. *Bring ALL shoes*
WHAT TO BRING: A healthy snack, water bottle only (no sugary or colorful beverages), dance bag. Please NO PEANUT SNACKS, messy snacks, gum, or candy. Leave valuables home that could get broken or lost.

The following classes will arrive at 4:45 **They will be finished and dismissed by approximately 6:00** Parents may stay outside the theater if you would like, and we will dismiss your child when they are done with all of their dances:
Monday 1:30
Monday 4:00
Wednesday 4:00
Thursday 9:30
Friday 4:00
Saturday 9:00
Saturday 10:00
All other classes will arrive at 5:45

The following classes will be dismissed by approximately 7:00:
Monday 5:10
Monday 6:20
Tuesday 4:00
Tuesday 5:10
Thursday 4:30
Friday 5:00
Friday 7:00

**If your child is in another class, be prepared for them to stay. Your child may leave when all of their dances have been rehearsed**
**If your class is not listed above, be prepared to stay the full time**
The rest of the show will be run in order. Students in the opening number will rehearse last and be finished by 9:00.
This rehearsal is mandatory for all dancers. It is the only time they are able to rehearse on stage and is not only for their comfort, but most importantly for their safety.