Combo 1 (3- 4 years old) This 45-minute class is designed to introduce students to dance. They will learn the very basic foundations of ballet and tap (3-4) through creative movement. This class helps to build a child’s coordination and confidence

Combo 2 Ballet/Tap (5-6 years old) This hour long program is divided into one half hour of ballet and one half hour of tap. It is designed to further enhance their ballet training with body placement and correct terminology as well as teaching rhythm coordination and choreography

Combo 3 Ballet/Lyrical, Tap/Jazz This hour long program combines technical training in ballet/tap, tap/jazz. Classes will consist of warm-ups, across the floor exercises, leaps and turns, correct terminology and choreography

Ballet (Beginner-Advanced) The foundation for all dance forms. This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of classical ballet. Emphasis will be placed on understanding proper placement and technique, coordination, musicality and vocabulary. Class begins at the barre, progresses to center and finishes across the floor. *Pre-pointe is offered by teacher recommendation.*
*Ballet must be taken with all jazz and lyrical classes to ensure students have optimal strength for the technique of those disciplines*

Jazz (Beginner-Advanced) This one-hour class is energetic and fun, consisting of different styles of jazz from traditional to contemporary, Broadway to funky. Classes consist of floor, center and across the floor exercises using unique and stylized movement to accomplish kicks, turns, jumps and leaps. Allows the dancer to bring forth his/her own personality 
*Ballet is required for students taking jazz*

Lyrical (Beginner-Advanced) Interpretive dance combining both ballet and jazz technique. The class focuses on allowing each student to work on flexibility, strength, range and ease of movement, and building/maintaining technique through choreography, allowing each student to express themselves in a learning environment 
*Ballet is required for students taking lyrical*

Tap (Beginner-Advanced) This one-hour class is designed to focus on various styles of tap such as rhythm and musical theater. Students will have the ability to work on their listening skills as well as strengthening their sounds, quality and style. Each level will focus on learning and building on basic vocabulary, progressing to more difficult rhythms and technique

Hip hop (Beginner-Advanced) This class focuses on teaching fundamental hip-hop movements including basic body isolations, as well as styles of club and urban street dancing while helping students find their own flow of freestyle dancing through choreography using the latest, hippest music

Holiday Repertory (Sept.-Dec.) This class is a 45 minute repertory class that performs in our annual Holiday Show. Rather than focusing only on technique, this class also builds a skill set for learning choreography as well as performing it. *You must be enrolled in at least one technique class to register for this class* 

Spring Repertory (Feb.-June) This class is a 45 minute repertory class that will be part of an extra group dance in our annual recital. This class is designed to build a skill set for learning choreography and will create a sense of community between all ages and repertory levels at the studio. *You must be enrolled in at least one technique class to register for this class* 

Adult Classes offered in ballet and tap when scheduling allow


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