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Dress Code

TEL: 516-623-0962


Appropriate attire and shoes are required for all classes. Hair must be pulled back.

In general, form-fitting clothing best allows us to assist you in being the best dancer you can be, and we want to provide you the best possible instruction.

Combo Ballet/Tap - Pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, any color leotard/tights

Combo Ballet/Lyrical - Pink ballet slippers, nude foot undies/turners, black leotard, pink tights, skirt (optional), hair in a bun

Combo Tap/Jazz - Black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, dance pants, leotard and/or t-shirt

Ballet - Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun

Jazz - Tan split-sole jazz shoes, dance pants, leotard or fitted t-shirt

Lyrical - Nude foot undies/turners, leotard, footless tights, dance shorts or pants

Tap - Black tap shoes, dance pants, fitted t-shirt

Hip Hop - Loose fitting clothes appropriate and comfortable for moving in, sneakers (black sneakers for recital)