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Dress Code

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Appropriate attire and shoes are required for all classes. Hair must be pulled back.

In general, form-fitting clothing best allows us to assist you in being the best dancer you can be, and we want to provide you the best possible instruction.
NO BULKY SWEATSHIRTS IN CLASS. For colder weather months, dancers may wear a form-fitting shirt or dance sweater.

Combo Ballet/Tap (Tiny Tots, Kinderdance, Rising Stars) - Pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, any color leotard/tights, hair pulled back

Combo Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 - Black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, pink ballet slippers, dance pants (optional), leotard and/or fitted t-shirt, hair in a bun

Combo Ballet/Lyrical 2, 3 - Pink ballet slippers, black leotard, pink tights, wrap or pull-on skirt (optional), hair pulled back

Combo Tap/Jazz 2, 3 - black oxford tap shoes, tan split sole jazz shoes, leotard and tights, dance shorts or pants (optional)

Acro - Biketard or leotard, leggings/footless tights/bare legs are acceptable, bare feet, hair pulled back. Avoid bare midriffs and shirts that ride up when dancers are upside down

Ballet - Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun

Jazz - Tan split-sole jazz shoes, dance pants, leotard or fitted t-shirt, hair pulled back

Lyrical - Nude foot undies/turners, leotard, footless tights, dance shorts or pants, hair pulled back

Tap - Black tap shoes, dance pants, fitted t-shirt, hair pulled back

Hip Hop - Loose fitting clothes appropriate and comfortable for moving in, sneakers (black sneakers for recital)

Boys - Black shorts or sweatpants, solid colored t-shirt, black oxford tap shoes, black ballet slippers