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Covid-19 Protocol

1. When entering the dance studio, adults must wear masks. All teachers and dancers are required to wear masks. When possible, we request that parents do not enter the building at this time. It is our responsibility to keep your children, families, faculty and everyone who enters our space safe. Limiting our exposure to each other will help protect and keep us safe.

2. Each dancer’s dance bag will be placed on the bench in the front of the room.  If they need to change their shoes during class, this is where they will go. This area will be disinfected between classes.

3. Our floors will be marked so that each dancer is 6 feet apart in their own square.  

4. When dancers go across the floor, they will line up on social distancing markers so they are separated.

5. Bathrooms will be disinfected after each use. When possible, please have children use the bathroom before coming to dance.

6. Between each class: All barres, benches, doorknobs, common areas and 6-foot squares will be wiped down with disinfectant. 

7. We will check their temperature with a laser thermometer before class. We ask that if a child is experiencing any symptoms of illness or has a fever within 48 hours of class, they stay home.

8. At the end of each night, all barres, benches, doorknobs, common areas and 6-foot squares will be wiped down with disinfectant. Floors will be mopped.

9. Mask and water breaks will be given during and between classes.