​​Costume Balances due by March 15th

Save The Date: Summer Camps and Intensives 7/9-8/15


Opening Rehearsal: 3/2, 3/16, 3/30






Our Philosophy

TEL: 516-623-0962

EMAIL: merrickdancecentre@gmail.com

We believe that dance is an important accent in a child's life. There is joy in movement and we aim to help dancers of all ages and levels harness that. Beyond its physical benefits, the discipline of dance training helps to develop our natural skill sets for behavior and respect. We strive for our learning environment to be a positive, fun and safe space for these seeds to be planted and grown. We provide a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere, where dancers can reach their unlimited potential. Merrick Dance Centre is a community joined by a common passion for the art of dance.